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Anticafe is something new for you

In our anticafe, you can do anything you like, we only offer you some options:

It has 150 square meters of free space for meeting friends, playing board games, working quietly for work days, organizing interesting birthday parties, guests, workshops and other events. Free Wi-Fi, tasty coffee, various tea and cookies.

Special place in Tallinn

In particular, our anticafes allow you to occupy yourself for several hours and days. We have a very wide range of board games: those who have become classics (alias, Dixit, ticket to fly), but also the freshest. Console gamers appreciate the cozy place ั†ัˆะตั€ x-box. Musicians are happy because we also have a piano and even a synthesizer in addition to the guitar. Do you want to host a chamber concert for your friends? Please! You can also use the table tennis, table soccer and free Wi-Fi. Come to us, work or dull couples, and relax your soul! When you are dressed in a spacious and clean dressing room, becoming a slipper and preparing a strong cup of tea, you will see immediately how everyday stress and boredom fall and life begins to color and become as if - beautiful and amazing. We also have a hammock where you can sleep comfortably.